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Deep Peace Advent Series

Each week of Advent, 3 Minute Ministry Mentor will feature one of my paintings with poetry and visio divina, which is a way of contemplative meditation that invites a sacred image to lead you in reflection and to take you beyond the image to the presence of the holy. 


Week One: Deep Peace of the Running Wave

Week Two: Deep Peace of the Flowing Air

Week Three: Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth

Week Four: Moon & Stars Pour Their Healing Light on You

Darkest Night

Christmas Day: Deep Peace of Christ


Look at the painting, and continue looking after the music ends, allowing yourself a time of silence and deep, prayerful attention. In that time of reflection and attention, let yourself encounter the peace of God’s creation with the eye of your heart. What do you see in and through the image of the prayer?  How does that peace, which transcends word and art, speak to you?



Baptist News Global Advent Series

Ever hear the phrase, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman?”

Jesus is the successful man; Mary is the woman.

Mary is an enigmatic figure. She has been used and abused to subjugate women, to keep women under control, under the thumb of the Christian church for centuries. Women must spend most of their early lives birthing and then nursing children. Often denied birth control methods, raising multiple children, caring for husband and households, carrying the emotional load, making sure the world runs like it should while expected to smile demurely — we should look to Mary as an obedient example.

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